Our team is specialized in translation and interpreting services in Eastern European languages such as Albanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian and Russian. We also translate from and into Italian, English, French and German. Thanks to an extensive partner network, we provide translation and interpretation services in various fields.

SWORN translation

A sworn translation is a public deed with legal value and its accuracy is certified by a professional translator before a court officer authorized to administer oaths. A sworn translation is generally needed by authorities, institutions and public administration bodies for documents (typically certificates, notary deeds, contracts and other legal papers whose originals are not in the local language) that need to be legally recognized. A sworn translation generally requires one more day on top of the translation turnaround time and comes at an additional cost depending on the length of the translation and on the legally required stamp duties (16 euro stamp every four pages including the original text).

LEGALIZED translation

A legalized translation is a document with legal value abroad (out of its country of origin). It consists of a sworn translation of an original document into another language (e.g. English) which is subsequently legalized to confirm the authority of the public official (e.g. notary or court clerk authorized to administer oaths) who has signed off on the sworn translation statement.A legalized translation generally requires three more days on top of the translation turnaround time and has no additional cost because the procedure is subsequent to the sworn translation, therefore it already includes the required stamp duties.